How to make money playing video games

Make Money Playing Video Games

Hello guys! Welcome back to another article on my journey to financial freedom. Today’s article will focus on how I used my knowledge and skills in various video games to earn a living while I was a college student. If you have always been curious to know if one could make money via video games continue reading.


My journey began in fall of 2013. I just moved to Ohio to start school at OSU and needed to find a job. At the time I was very involved in games like League of Legends and Runescape. As I talked to my friends about my predicament (I needed to find a job) they introduced me to the world of video game black markets. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this market a brief description would be an economy that arises from multi player online games where market participants place real world value in game items like gold and weapons. Through my friends I started posting coaching and boosting services on a popular forum called Sythe. Quickly I became one of the most reputable and affordable service providers and I expanded my services to encompass other video games that I played in the past.

RWT in Runescape

One of the first games that I played growing up was Runescape. While most kids moved on when better graphics options like World of Warcraft came out, I continued to enjoy RS. In 2013 Jagex studios released Old School Runescape, which caused a mass amount of nostalgic players to restart their Runescape adventure. At the time I had already established my reputation on forums for video game black markets and I decided I would buy and sell gold to help fund my game play. Within a few weeks the economy of the game became bustling with commerce. Thousands of dollars were traded on a daily basis and merchants were making a sizable profit in margins. A unique aspect of Runescape is that the company does not offer microtransactions. In the game players chopped trees, fished, and killed monsters to acquire wealth. Given this virtual economy had no restriction in trade, Runescape emulates an economy that is entirely free of government influence and control. Since players put value on these items they collected in game and were willing to pay real life money to obtain them, entrepreneurial individuals would purchase bulk items in the game and resell them individually to gamers that are looking to save time.

The RWT market in Runescape is one of the biggest economies in the video game black market. If you want to make money and have played Runescape in the past, follow these steps to start your RS gold site business.

  1. Secure approximately $1,000 in capital to invest in your starting stock
  2. Register a Business Paypal account
  3. Post on forums like,, and create buying and selling threads to collect feedback and reputation
  4. Use middlemen when you start trading to ensure you do not get scammed
  5. Do comp checks of the largest websites like and to find out what gold sites are buying and selling gold at
  6. Determine your acceptable profit and payment method you will take
  7. Sell gold through Skype, Discord, and eventually your own E-commerce site!

Making money Elo Boosting and coaching

Another large video game market you can enter is boosting and coaching for competitive games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends. If you’re a skilled player you can post ads on various gaming forums. Below you can follow the steps to eventually running your own boosting website!

  1. Determine which game you want to provide services for
  2. Find relevant forums to post your threads
  3. Do market research to find the most competitive pricing
  4. Collect testimonials and feedback on your threads from satisfied customers
  5. Hire a team of freelance boosters and coaches
  6. Manage daily operations and customer support after developing a website


In conclusion, these are just a few of the games that have thriving economies. By identifying games that have a marketplace and enough interest to profitably service the players, you can make money playing video games. In future articles I will be going over the specifics of running an e-commerce site for video games. If you guys have any questions please don’t hesitate to post a comment or contact me directly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope can help you on your journey towards financial freedom.

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