LAX Turo Valet Lot – Getting there and picking up your car

LAX Turo Valet Lot 2018

Turo users should all use the valet lot

If you’re a guest that’s renting a car on Turo for the first time you might feel some anxiety when it comes to key handoff. Unlike traditional rental agencies, Turo is a platform that connects guests with hosts and does not have the infrastructure that rental agencies like Enterprise and Budget have access to. Thus, most travelers find the most stressful part of the Turo experience to be the initial key handoff.

Today’s article will go over the benefits of the  LAX Turo Valet lot and how to get there.

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Benefits of using the valet as a guest

If you’re a guest that’s coming to town for business or leisure you will have planned your trip to start with taking possession of a rental car. Your plans would be negatively affected if a host cancels or for some reason is unable to honor the reservation start time. Using the Turo valet lot provides flexibility when it comes to pick up and drop off. You might think the added step of having to go to the valet lot would inconvenience you, but the truth is the exact opposite.


Using the Turo valet lot allows flexibility. What does that mean for you? It means if you are late or want to return the car early the choice falls entirely on you. Turo guidelines allow for hosts to CANCEL a ride and charge you the full cost if you are unable to make it to your reservation start time. While I would never charge guests for a trip that they did not take, there are unscrupulous hosts that take advantage of loopholes to make more money.

Earlier Pickup

If the Turo valet lot is selected, the host will likely drop off the car at the valet lot the day before the trip starts so you will be able to pick up the car as soon as you arrive at LAX. Tip: you are able to pick the car up 1 hour earlier than the reservation start time (with host permission)!

Free Uber/Lyft

The LAX Valet lot also reimburses car share rides to the lot! That means when you step off your plane you simply have to head up to the departure levels and find the closest ride share sign. Request your ride and you will get picked up and dropped off right at the lot for free.

Start your trip immediately!

You may ask: well I paid for curbside delivery….and my answer for that is very simple. You will be able to start your trip sooner than being picked up at the curb. Why? Hosts are not allowed to wait at the curb at LAX. Given this, most hosts will stay at their location until you message them upon arrival. Once they make their way to the airport, they will have to wait in the congested ramp leading to arrivals and departures.

Car condition is checked by a third party

Another reason why guests should use the valet lot is that the valet lot serves as a third party documenter of the vehicle condition at handoff and drop off. They have no incentive to fudge an inspection in favor of either party so if you have experienced the pain of having to pay for damage you didn’t do, the Turo valet lot is an option that can reduce the likelihood of poor host behavior.

Grocery store across the street!

Trip supply run – if you need to stock up on essentials before heading to the place you’re staying in LA using the valet lot is a great option to kill two birds with one stone. The valet lot is situated right behind Ralph’s Grocery store. You can stock up on personal items, food and drinks, and other items you may have forgotten. It’s a marginal benefit that simply makes choosing the valet lot a better choice as most visitors would need to stop by anyways.

Stock up on supplies you forgot before arriving in Los Angeles

How to get to the LAX Valet Lot

The Valet lot is located at 8639 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 behind the Custom Hotel.

The hours of operation are 6:00 A.M. to 10 P.M. – make sure you don’t miss it!

entrance to turo valet
Ask your driver to turn into this street.

The easiest way to find it is to ask your rideshare driving to pull into the driveway near the Custom Hotel valet entrance. Ask him to continue going until they see the Ralph’s entrance. The stairs leading to the valet lot will be located across the street.

Turo LAX valet lot entrance
Head up these stairs and you will see the Turo stand.

Getting in line: Head up the stairs and you will see the Turo valet stand. If you took an Uber/Lyft make sure you have the receipt pulled up on your phone. Have an ID matching the primary driver as well as the reservation number ready when it is your turn to be served. The valet attendant will use the reservation code to pull up your trip and then go get the car. When they come back they will take pictures around the car as well as a video to capture the condition at check-in. You can also take pictures – make sure you upload them on your app so the photos are timestamped.

turo reservation number
Scroll to the bottom of your trip details for the reservation number.


It’s that easy! After you take possession of the car you can now enjoy your trip. Note: if you do get pulled over, tell the police it is a rental car and pull up the Incident Card found under your trip details. Enjoy your trip!

Returning your Turo car

On the day your reservation ends, make sure you return the car to the valet lot before your reservation ends. You have a 15 minute grace period before hosts can charge a $50 per hour late fee so make sure you plan to make the drop off on time. Simply drive up the ramp and wait for a valet attendant to open the gate. Let them know you are dropping off your car and they will direct you to a spot to park the car. Once you have parked, hand the key to the attendant and they will perform check out on the vehicle. You will sign and they will email you the trip photos and video.

Pull up to the gate and wait for an attendant.

Have a safe trip home!

I hope you have found this guide to be helpful. See you next time.

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