Mandatory items for Turo

  1.  Car wash kit – As one of the highest rated hosts in the Los Angeles Turo market, I highly recommend you invest in a car wash kit from Chemical Guys. I know the price is high, but the quality and consistency this product can offer are second to none. I use their foam gun and other products to leave my cars shining after each rental. Don’t waste $10 for each wash. Invest in this kit and watch the savings come in over time. If you need a refill be sure to purchase the full gallon suds (it’s significantly cheaper than the bottles).
  2. I-phone and Android chargers – One of the most requested items in my car are phone chargers. With features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto becoming standard on most newer cars, your guests will appreciate 6 ft charging cords. As an added incentive, you can offer to sell cords for double your cost to travelers who happened to forget their chargers at home. If you ever went somewhere and didn’t bring your charger you know the pain of having to purchase a $30 charger from a convenience store.
  3. High quality car fresheners – Treefrog is my go-to brand. As a fleet owner, I purchased a bulk pack of them for under $4 apiece. When you don’t have time to do a scent purge car fresheners like this can save you from a bad review. This affordable solution will last for months at a time and have your customers wondering where they can buy one for their cars.
  4.  Car tracking tool – Automatic Pro is a device that a lot of Turo hosts use. You can also get a OBD2 splitter to hide the device to prevent guests from tampering with it. There’s currently no monthly fee. I strongly advise adding one to your cars as it will help in the recovery process should your car get stolen. It also will provide evidence should renter abuse result in mechanical issues!

Mandatory items for AirBnB

    1. Eco Amenities Travel Size Shampoo – this item will save your cleaners a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the showers. If you are listing your property on Airbnb with private rooms as opposed to a full listing, if you don’t offer travel size shampoos, you will quickly find that the wash supplies will be wasted. Another problem these prevent is people leaving half-empty containers in the shower.
    2. Luxury Hotel Towels – As a host that has gone through his cheap phase, I highly recommend you invest in high-quality sheets and towels. These items are some of the most important products for guests. Your guests will be more forgiving if they find a hair if they know you didn’t cut costs in every aspect of the business. If you provide cheap furniture and supplies they will believe you hire cheap cleaners.
    3. Ironing board and Steam iron – this combination will make your business travelers ecstatic. This is an often forgotten detail that can ruin your guest’s day. Most hotels have ironing boards so a lot of your travelers will forget to confirm and you can bet that they will be unhappy when they find out they need to go to an important meeting wearing wrinkled clothes. Remember, don’t get the cheapest hardware. Invest in higher quality for long term success.
    4. Luggage Rack – As an Airbnb host, you need to remember that most of your guests are short term travelers. Having a luggage rack they can place their suitcase on will be a nice touch to any room. I personally purchased a wooden one for every one of my rooms. The recommended luggage rack has a shelf on the bottom where your guests can put their shoes.
    5. Nest Thermostat – If you haven’t installed one of these in your listing do so NOW! Most utility companies will subsidize the cost of purchase by offering rebates that eat most of the cost. The Nest has helped me solve customer complaints about the temperature and preventing guests from wasting too many utilities. Another cool feature is that you can control and monitor multiple homes from your Nest App. This tool can allow you to identify potential waste in one of your properties. You will save enough money to make up for the cost of a Nest!

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