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Here are the services that I offer!

  1. Airbnb Listing Optimization: I will use my expertise and knowledge to make sure you have an attractive and optimized Airbnb listing. You will need to provide me with extensive details about your property. Price: $49
  2. Need someone to set up Airbnb pricing tools and automated messaging? I can do it for you. Price: $49
  3. Are you an investor that needs help managing your property? I can handle the entire operation (listing, cleaning, and anything you can think of). Price: 10% of monthly revenues
  4. Need help managing your Turo fleet when you are on vacation or just want to invest? Price: 20% of monthly revenues after costs.
  5. Need help with your Turo listings? I can make them for you. Price: $25
  6. Have specific questions that you want to be answered? Schedule a 1 on 1 consultation. Price: $99/30 minutes. (Comes with 3 Free Carfax reports)
  7. Fleet building service: I will broker deals for New and Used cars and build your fleet to your requirements. Price: FREE (dealer pays broker fee).
  8. Auction Car Brokerage: Looking to buy a car at auction in California but don’t have a dealer license? I’ll buy the car for you for a flat $500 fee.

Car Valuation and Carfax: $5 each car

Note: If you are an investor that wants to find some great markets to invest in an Airbnb I can help you get it started. I will fly out and oversee renovations, furnishing, and set up. The price is negotiable!

Why me?

Airbnb Super Host

Turo Power Host

Ohio State Finance major + Real estate agent

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